Virtually all of Auto Claim Technology’s work is done completely by our trained staff using our hand polishing techniques. We strive to eliminate the use of high-speed buffers, harsh compounds and dangerous solvents. As a result, the vehicle endures a minimal amount of stress while maintaining the original factory paint finish.

Our methods meet all auto manufacturer and dealer quality control standards. Our “Clay removal process” along with many other proven hand polishing and shaving techniques, have never voided any manufacturer’s paint warranty.

Act technicians use cleaning methods designed to safely clean all surfaces of an affected vehicle, boat, building, RV or Aircraft.

• Painted surfaces
• Glass
• Rubber trim & moldings
• Gel coated surfaces
• Chrome
• Textured moldings and surfaces such as convertible tops and spare tire covers.

ACT’s knowledge combined with complete exterior detailing and Total Claims Management result in dramatic savings for you versus the cost and time required of having a vehicle repainted.