We understand that navigating fire and flood damage is a difficult task.

Our qualified technicians utilize advanced techniques and products for restoring vehicles back to their original condition.
The ACT process helps ensure vehicles have a more successful restoration to retain value and improve air quality.

Extreme hail damage and automotive flood claims.

Flood claims most often occur when extreme hail storms breakout glass and heavy rain soaks the interior of automobiles.

Our Four Easy Step to restore a Fire and Flood Claim.

Step 1 – Inspection
In the event your vehicle is been damaged by fire or smoke, we will perform a full Vehicle
Condition Analysis. A ReconLINX professional will thoroughly inspect both the interior and
exterior of the vehicle to accurately assess the extent of the damages.
Step 2 – Deodorization
ReconLINX will disinfect and deodorize the vehicle with a hospital grade disinfectant that is
specifically formulated to eliminate odor and remove bacteria and germs.
Step 3 – Extraction
After we deodorize and disinfect the vehicle, an odor removal product is used to permanently
remove any residual odors. The power of this product is in its ability to penetrate and react
with the components of odor – dissolving and converting them into non-toxic, gaseous
molecules. This process will not harm any of the vehicle’s fabrics, materials or hard surfaces.
Step 4 – Prevention
Lastly, a solution is used to impede the growth of a wide range of bacteria, mold, fungi and
algae to keep vehicle surfaces clean. This antimicrobial treatment utilizes Nanotechnology
and is extremely effective. It works on all surfaces and is non-toxic and hypoallergenic.