The Situation:

Imagine if you will; After a long hard day at work, you leave the office to get into your new car, and this is what you see.

ACT prides itself as being the leader in combining mitigation services with highly skilled, uniformed technicians using proven processes that have been approved by leading auto manufacturers for over two decades.
Step 1:

Thorough Pre-Cleaning Inspection
The first step in the ACT process is to thoroughly inspect the vehicle to be cleaned.

Any pre-existing damages such as, scratches, dents and chips are located, discussed and noted in writing.

Next, we take (6) photos of the vehicle and its damage. We label them accordingly and share them with the responsible party. This process greatly decreases the potential for any issues arising during the final inspection phase.

Step 2:

Complete Hand Washing
A complete hand washing is performed on the affected vehicle prior to removing all contaminants. This ensures no foreign particles or debris are present during the cleaning process.

Step 3:

Molding Cleaning and Restoration
ACT has developed the most advanced Molding Cleaning and Restoration process in the World.

Rubber, plastic and painted trim items are repaired and not replaced compared to conventional body shop methods which dramatically raise costs, time and frustration for all parties involved.

Step 4:

Exterior Detail
After all contaminant materials have been removed, ACT technicians perform a complete exterior detail.

A tough coating of polymer sealant is applied by hand to all painted surfaces. Tires and wheels are cleaned and shined. All windows and painted areas are inspected thoroughly for smudges or missed overspray etc.

Step 5:

Claimant Inspection
After all repairs have been made, the ACT Certified Technician will walk the vehicle with the claimant. They will inspect each panel to ensure accuracy and overall claimant satisfaction.

It is at this time, we will obtain a signed release and note any items found to be uncleanable, such as a convertible top, or motorcycle saddle.