Swirl marks are caused by sanding or high-speed buffing processes. Swirl marks are actually microscopic scratches in the vehicle finish. These tiny scratches have not been finely “smoothed out”. They run in different directions and when direct sunlight makes contact with the vehicle, the light rays bounce off at a different angle than a smooth surface would, causing the finish to appear dulled, faded, scratched, swirled or discolored. The technical term for this problem, is called “refraction”.

Vehicle scratches can often be a nuisance since preserving a vehicle’s original finish is a very important aspect of maintaining the re-sale value. We have surprised hundreds of clients by removing the most stubborn scratches. In many cases, our hand polishing techniques have proven effective.

Severe swirl marks and scratches require high-speed buffing and or wet-sanding in order to achieve desired results. Auto Claim Technology takes pride in avoiding such processes at all costs. However, this is the prescribed method for such repairs. This process will restore maximum luster within the vehicle’s finish and, in most cases, will not void any manufacturer’s warranty.