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ACT’s nationwide overspray removal ventures beyond the vast expanse of the Main Land USA.

Auto Claim Technology embarked on an extraordinary journey to the tropical paradise of Maui, Hawaii. What initially seemed like a simple insurance claim unfolded into a fascinating tale of handling paint overspray claims amidst the sun, sea, and serene landscapes. This particular assignment in Maui, with its unique challenges, highlighted the versatility and expertise of our overspray removal professionals.

The Hawaiian Twist: Epoxy Industrial Paint Overspray

Hawaii, known for its breathtaking beauty and environmental richness, presented Auto Claim Technology with a distinctive overspray challenge – epoxy industrial paint overspray. While overspray claims often involve environmental fallout and potential chemical emissions, this case added a twist by featuring a specialized type of paint. Epoxy industrial overspray claims aren’t new to the seasoned team at Auto Claim Technology, who have successfully managed similar cases since their inception in 1989. However, the allure of handling such a claim against the backdrop of Maui’s paradise heightened the significance of this particular assignment.

Honored in Paradise: Auto Claim Management Process

During the 18 days spent in paradise, Auto Claim Technology not only navigated the intricacies of epoxy industrial paint overspray but also immersed themselves in the unique culture of Maui. The team was not merely there to handle an insurance claim; they became a part of the community, forging connections with the locals and gaining insights into the island’s way of life.

Getting to Know the Locals:

Beyond the firehouse and auto claim management procedures, the team took the opportunity to explore the beauty of Maui and connect with its residents. Whether it was sharing stories at a local coffee shop or engaging in conversations with those impacted by overspray, the Auto Claim Technology team understood the importance of being more than just professionals; they were ambassadors of their craft and emissaries of understanding.


The ACT Overspray Removal Service Job in Maui, Hawaii, transcended the routine realm of insurance claims.

It became a testament to the adaptability and professionalism of the overspray removal industry, showcasing how experts like Auto Claim Technology can seamlessly handle challenges across the nation and beyond. This Hawaiian adventure not only emphasized their expertise in managing epoxy industrial paint overspray but also highlighted the importance of building relationships and understanding the local nuances wherever their services take them. Truly, overspray removal knows no bounds, and neither does the dedication of those who master the craft.