24/7 Rapid Response Times Nationwide.

Regardless of the overspray type or the quantity of vehicles involved, we are committed to surpassing your expectations when it comes to quality, cost, and service.

Our overspray removal services encompass the entire claims process, including liability assessment, daily reporting, and the thorough documentation of each vehicle with photographs and signatures for releasing liability.

We have automated the claims management process.

For more than three decades and hundreds of thousands of insurance claims handled successfully — we have obtained the tools and expertise to help guide you through the process.

We pioneered the very first overspray removal claims management app ensuring accurate, cross-checked, and verified data all with high-resolution pictures, signed releases, all securely available to you online at every step.

  • VIN verification done within app
  • Compiles all data and images into a PDF

  • Automatically merges data and creates Excel spreadsheets on demand
  • Saving you time and money by cutting down on unnecessary status update phone calls.

ACT can mitigate your losses both monetarily and administratively:

Overspray, much like a delicate mist, is an airborne contaminant with a texture resembling gritty sandpaper. It adheres to a vehicle’s surface and can significantly affect the clear coat, paint, and overall aesthetics.

We offer overspray contaminant removal including:

  • Industrial paint overspray (latex, enamel, urethane, lacquer, acrylic)
  • Oil deposit removal
  • Cement and concrete
  • Tar or roofing overspray
  • Ferrous oxide (iron or rail dust)
  • Industrial fallout / chemical emissions
  • Polyurethane spray foam
  • Acid rain decontamination
  • Asphalt removal (paving materials)
  • Road spray (from freshly painted road striping jobs)
  • Epoxy paint

  • Graffiti and paint vandalism removal

Our unique restoration process

Unmatched customer service – Our number one priority is providing the best customer service and the highest quality of workmanship.

We value customer feedback: a recent overspray claim of 700+ units received a 100% customer satisfaction rating.

Proprietary hands-on techniques and best-in-class materials.

Step 1: Pre-Cleaning Inspection Any pre-existing damages such as, scratches, dents, and chips are located, discussed, and noted in writing.

Step 2: Complete Hand Wash performed on the affected vehicle before removing all contaminants ensure no foreign particles or debris are present during our process.

Step 3: Molding Cleaning and Restoration ACT has developed the most advanced molding cleaning and restoration process in the world. Rubber, plastic, and painted trim items are repaired and not replaced (compared to conventional body shop methods) which dramatically raises costs, time, and frustration for all parties involved.

Step 4: Exterior Detail wash done after contaminant materials have been removed, ACT skilled technicians perform a complete exterior detail. A tough coating of the most advanced sealants available is applied by hand to all painted surfaces.

Step 5: Claimant Inspection After all repairs have been made, the ACT-certified technician will walk the vehicle with the claimant inspecting each panel to ensure accuracy and overall claimant satisfaction. At this time, we will obtain a signed release and note any items found to be “uncleanable”.